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Everyone should have a watch

doesn’t have to be an expensive Garmin or Apple watch a $19 one is fine-

Running shoes that work best for you Fleet Feet is a great store that can help fit you.

Effort Level

(RR)-Recovery Run/conversational pace

Lifting Plan

Doing the LM TK GT and SC are great strength workouts with little to no equipment. If you want to add option weight room, I’ll post a plan


Lunge Matrix (LM) This works as a quick warm up

Tomahawk (TK)

Gauntlet (GT)

Standard Core (SC)

Strength and Mobility (SAM)



This is a max mileage plan

Adjust the miles as needed/ cut the plan in ½ if needed

At least one run a week should be on a trail!

Warm up before every run

Running drills and or LM

Stretch after every workout

Hydrate, sleep and eat Healthy

Mental Training

Log your mileage for accountability

On Strava or paper or something

Get together with a group

Do some summer reading

There are loads  of inspirational motivational running books out there. Pick one that will motivate YOU

Follow some athletes online

Have fun

Cross train-swim, play basketball, soccer, manhunt..

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