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I forget it’s been a few years since we actually had an indoor season and there is a substantial amount of new kids. So here’s the low down. Indoor track is basically a club. We “practice” a few days a week, depending on the weather and gym/ weight room availability. Since space is limited we are only doing varsity right now. It’s essentially preseason conditioning for outdoor season. There are a few meets (4-5) at local colleges. They are all Invitationals.  Weekend mornings to midafternoon. Most have entree restrictions. For example, you may need a certain time or distance to qualify or we may only be able to enter 1-2 per event. The meets are varsity only unless I find any open/jr high events. If you participate in a meet you will be given a uniform.  There is no transportation to the meets. You will have to provide your own.  Entrance fee will be paid by the boosters, however most are prepaid events. If you can’t attend after you have been entered you are responsible to reimburse us. I hope this clears up some of the confusions.








Lebanon Valley College



Canes Invite @ Haven

bus 7am

7:00-8:45 a.m. Registration and course walk through

9:00 a.m. Girls high school race

9:45 a.m. Boys high school race

10:30 a.m. Girls 7th and 8th grade race

11:00 a.m. Boys 7th and 8th grade race

11:30 a.m. Coaches race followed by the awards presentation